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I’m Jumping In! Facebook Live on Wednesdays at 7:15 pm CST

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Jun 272017

Girl Juggling ClocksJoin us for StarrMatica’s first Facebook Live broadcast this Wednesday, June 28th at 7:15 pm CST.


Why Wednesday, you ask?  Well, because that seems to be the day of the week that I consistently am able to steal a few moments away from my 2 ½ year old and 3 month old to take a shower and will be presentable for the camera.  And why 7:15 pm?  Well for me, the kids are in bed and there is a good chance I won’t be interrupted.  I am also hoping that you, too, have settled in for the evening and will have a few moments to join me to learn about exciting new resources for your classroom.

What to expect:  Each week, I’ll spend a quick 5-10 minutes sharing with you an interesting digital resource and giving ideas for how to use it in your classroom.  This week’s topic: How I went from teacher to business owner (and how you can too.)  Whether or not you are interested in starting your own business (I wasn’t!) the information is valuable (and possibly entertaining!)  I’ll also share my all time favorite digital resource you can access for free!

Looking forward to meeting you online every Wednesday at 7:15 pm CST!  www.facebook.com/starrmatica


Former 4th Grade Teacher

President/CEO StarrMatica.com

Fund Your StarrMatica Membership On #Giving Tuesday

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Nov 222016
What is #GivingTuesday?
          Everyone is familiar with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the days you are able to get massive discounts on items in stores and online. While scoring sweet deals is surely something to be excited about, we know of an even better day. We’re talking about #GivingTuesday, which is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and this year it’s on November 29th.#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving.
          It’s the perfect time to create and share your fundraiser for StarrMatica so that you can bring it to your students at no additional cost to you (because we all know that teachers already spend way too much!)
          Our partners at PledgeCents have streamlined the approach to online fundraising. You can now sign-up and submit your fundraiser for StarrMatica in literally seconds! 
How Do I Create a StarrMatica Cause?
It takes just 3 easy steps to create a cause for StarrMatica on PledgeCents:
          1.  Follow this link to sign up for PledgeCents: SIGN UP HERE
          2.  Choose the number of teacher accounts you need.
          3.  You will be emailed a link to your cause.  Use Facebook and Twitter to share it with the world!  On #GivingTuesday, people will be looking to donate to worthy causes.  And your students are a very worth cause!
          4.  Once the funds are raised, we will contact you directly to activate your account.
How Do I Win Even More Funds for StarrMatica?
          What’s even more exciting? PledgeCents will be hosting a #GivingTuesday contest where you can score even more funds.  Learn more about the contest by clicking here.
          And if you create your cause on #CyberMonday or #GivingTuesday, PledgeCents will donate $1 to your cause for every Facebook share you generate of your cause up to $150.  That’s almost 1/2 of a teacher membership just for sharing your cause!
          Don’t miss out on this giving season! Everyone can spare a few seconds… create your fundraiser today!
          Best of all, if you don’t reach your goal, you still get to keep any amount of money you raise. Let us know how we can help you create your StarrMatica cause on PledgeCents for #GivingTuesday!

Puffin Academy: StarrMatica on iPads and Androids

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Mar 172016

Puffin Icon

If you have iPad or Android devices in your classroom, download the FREE Puffin Academy app.  It will allow you to access StarrMatica and many other Flash-based websites on your devices!


1.  Download the Puffin Academy app.

2.  Open the app and search for StarrMatica.

3.  Click the StarrMatica icon.  When the StarrMatica Puffin page opens, click the link to our website: www.starrmatica.com

4.  Login as usual and enjoy!StarrMatica Icon

You also have the option on the StarrMatica Puffin page to click Install.  This will put a StarrMatica icon on your Puffin Academy home page for easy access every time you open Puffin Academy.