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New Social Studies Topic Group

 Posted by on September 18, 2013  Content Additions  Comments Off on New Social Studies Topic Group
Sep 182013

jamestownThis summer, a new category of content was added:  Social Studies.  This new category is loaded with hundreds of digital resources to help you make your social studies lessons interactive and interesting.  Resources are grouped into 11 topics.

In the Geography topic group, topics include:  Continents and Oceans, Landforms, Maps, Regions, and States and Capitals.

In the History topic group, topics include: Colonial Times, Explorers, Native Americans, Railroads, and The Underground Railroad.

The Government topic group includes content on the branches of government.

And we’re not done yet!  Throughout the fall, you will see our Science and Social Studies resources expand with new topics, so if you are looking for something specific and can’t find it in our library, let us know!


Picture Book Guides Are Multiplying!

 Posted by on September 10, 2013  Common Core, Complementary Downloads, Content Additions  Comments Off on Picture Book Guides Are Multiplying!
Sep 102013

Aunt Chip

Over the summer, we added to our growing collection of picture book guides.  The list now reaches over 40!  If you aren’t familiar, picture book guides help you to easily use our picture book resources by providing a ready to-go lesson plan developed by a fellow teacher. Content guides for picture books include digital connections, launching activities, example questions, enrichment ideas, answer keys, and standards correlations.  You can check out two of our guides here:


Stellaluna by Janell Cannon


Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair by Patricia Polacco


All guides are included for free in StarrMatica’s Classroom Management system, or can be purchased individually by non-members in Emily Starr’s Teachers Pay Teachers store.  http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Emily-Starr

AKJ Picture Books Integration

 Posted by on August 12, 2013  Content Additions  Comments Off on AKJ Picture Books Integration
Aug 122013

In addition to all of the fantastic digital content StarrMatica provides, literature has always been an integral part of our mission of put the best resources at your fingertips.

To make accessing the best picture book resources even easier, StarrMatica has partnered with AKJ books to provide the opportunity for you to invest in your classroom library.  If the title of a picture book on StarrMatica is hyperlinked, clicking the title will take you to that book on AKJ’s website, where you have the opportunity to purchase the book if it is not already available in your library.  A few of the books are available for purchase in ebook form, and we will update the links as more ebook formats become available.  As part of this upgrade, 175 new books were added to expand many of our reading and math topics, so be sure to explore our new lists!

New K-2 Lesson: Telling Time

 Posted by on June 24, 2013  Content Additions  Comments Off on New K-2 Lesson: Telling Time
Jun 242013


StarrMatica’s K-2 Lesson on Telling Time launched this month!

Students join learn to tell time with Diego Digital and Clara Clockface.

Throughout the lesson students learn:

  • to tell time to the hours, half hour, and quarter hour on digital and analog clocks
  • what half past, quarter to, and quarter after mean
  • what today, yesterday, tomorrow, now, before, and after mean
  • what am and pm mean, the hours associated with each, and the activities that occur during each
  • the months in order
  • seasons of the year
  • the days of the week in  order
  • how to tell the date and day of the week on a calendar

A few lesson highlights include:

Tick-Tock Analog Clock – Students set an analog clock to the correct time.

The Crazy Calendar – Students use calendars to identify days, weeks, months, years, and seasons.

To access these resources, login and choose K-2 Lessons.  Then choose Telling Time from the Math Menu.

New Lesson: K-2 Addition

 Posted by on May 27, 2013  Content Additions  Comments Off on New Lesson: K-2 Addition
May 272013


StarrMatica’s K-2 Lesson on Addition launched this month!

Students join Kwan and Sunna as they construct with blocks to explore the concept of addition.

Throughout the lesson students learn:

  • to add facts with sums up to 20 using pictures and objects
  • that the same number can be represented in many different ways
  • to add with a number line
  • to identify fact families
  • to use doubles as an addition strategy
  • to make a ten using a ten frame and use that strategy to solve addition number sentences
  • to create addition number sentences from word problems

A few lesson highlights include:

Make A Ten – Students arrange counters in a ten frame to use the make a ten strategy.

Construction Stories – Students create addition number sentences to match word problems.

Game:  Addition Quick Draw – Students compete against a partner or the computer to solve addition number sentences and gather the most cards.

To access these resources, login and choose K-2 Lessons.  Then choose Addition from the Math Menu.


New K-2 Lesson: Compare and Contrast

 Posted by on May 6, 2013  Content Additions  Comments Off on New K-2 Lesson: Compare and Contrast
May 062013

StarrMatica’s K-2 Lesson on Compare and Contrast launched last month!

Students join Henry on a class trip to the zoo to compare and contrast animals!

Throughout the lesson students learn how to compare and contrast with pictures, stories, and a venn diagram.

A few lesson highlights include:

Zoo Scrapbook – Students identify similarities and differences between two zoo animals and extend their knowledge of animals in the process!

Animal Stories – Students identify comparing and contrasting sentences in animal zoo stories.

Game:  Find the Differences – Students change the attributes of one image to make it match a similar image.

To access these resources, login and choose K-2 Lessons.  Then choose Compare and Contrast from the Reading Menu.

New K-2 Lesson: Counting

 Posted by on March 18, 2013  Content Additions  Comments Off on New K-2 Lesson: Counting
Mar 182013

StarrMatica’s K-2 Lesson on Counting has launched!

Students join Madeline as she helps in her aunt and uncle’s candy shop.

Throughout the lesson students learn:

  • the count sequence to 10
  • the last number in the count is the total
  • how to count starting at a number other than one
  • how to count up to 20 items
  • to count backward
  • to skip count
  • to identify if objects in one group are greater than, less than, or equal to the number of objects in another group
  • to count on a hundreds chart
  • to use tally marks to identify a number of objects
  • to identify a missing number in a sequence

A few highlights of the lesson include:

Recipe Secrets – Students input a correct sequence of numbers to open a safe that contains a secret recipe.

Enrichment:  Hidden Treasures – Students search for hidden candy by identifying numbers on a hundreds square.

Teacher Tool:  Counting Toolbox – This virtual manipulative includes a customizable game board, counters, dice, and cards that will make creating your own counting game a snap.

To access these resources, login and choose K-2 Lessons.  Then choose Counting from the Math Menu.

New K-2 Lesson: Cause and Effect

 Posted by on February 22, 2013  Content Additions  Comments Off on New K-2 Lesson: Cause and Effect
Feb 222013

StarrMatica’s K-2 Lesson on Cause and Effect launched this month!  This lesson helps students to identify causes and effects at the racetrack with Seth.  Some activities are picture-based while others are sentence-based, so you can vary the difficulty of the lesson depending on the needs of your students.

Cause and Effect Pit Crew asks students to identify the most likely cause or effect after reading a statement.

Clue Words Flagger asks students to identify the clue word that lets them know a sentence has a cause and effect structure.

StarrMatica Speedway asks students to identify a picture that shows the most likely cause or effect of a picture they are shown.

Fix the Track asks students to put causes and effects in the correct order in a chain of events.

Cause and Effect Toolbox provides images, sentences, and graphic organizers so you can create your own cause and effect activities.

To access these resources, login and choose K-2 Lessons.  Then choose Cause and Effect from the Reading Menu.

New Numbers K-2 Lesson

 Posted by on January 21, 2013  Content Additions  Comments Off on New Numbers K-2 Lesson
Jan 212013

StarrMatica’s K-2 Lesson on Numbers has launched!  This lesson helps students learn to identify numbers, match numbers to names, understand the number zero, understand one to correspondence, compare numbers, and identify odd and even numbers.  A school theme is used to relate new learning to a student’s previous knowledge and experiences.

A few highlights of the lesson include:

Crack the Code – Students type the numbers they hear or the numbers they read into a keypad to unlock a surprise.

Make A Match – Students match numbers, number words, and objects to help their teams score touchdowns in this fun football challenge.

To access these resources, login and choose K-2 Lessons.  Then choose Numbers from the Math menu.

A Little Guidance, Please

 Posted by on December 31, 2012  Content Additions, Content Integration Ideas  Comments Off on A Little Guidance, Please
Dec 312012

As a company founded by a teacher, we understand how incredibly busy classroom teachers are. That is one of the reasons StarrMatica was created. In Emily Starr’s fourth grade classroom, she didn’t have time to search for digital content and wished a library like StarrMatica were available.

But now that we’ve put quality digital content at your fingertips, we also want to help you use that digital content effectively with less time and effort. That’s why we have created new content guides for some of our library’s virtual manipulatives. Not only are we helping you to quickly find targeted tools, but we are also assisting you with how to integrate those tools into your classroom instruction.

Content guides include manipulative directions, ideas for using the manipulative in different settings, and example questions.

Currently there are 6 pdf content guides available. You can find them by choosing the topic groups, topics, and titles listed below:
Tables and Graphs—Bar Graph—Create A Bar Graph II
Algebra – Writing Equations – Equation Mat Explorer
US Measurement – Customary Linear – Interactive Ruler
Probability – Probability as a Fraction – Spinners
Place Value – Identifying Place Value – Sticky Numbers
Geometry – Measuring Angles – What’s My Angle Explorer

Click the + expander next to the title, and click the link for the content guide at the bottom of the description to download a guide.

Check out the content guide for Create A Bar Graph II by clicking here.

We have started this enhancement with six guides and will be adding additional guides if we receive feedback that they are of value in your classroom. So, let us know–are these guides helpful in your classroom?  Do you have suggestions for other ways we can make using digital content easier for you?  Leave a comment or drop us an email with your feedback!