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Digital Content for Talented and Gifted Students (TAG)

 Posted by on April 18, 2017  Content Integration Ideas, Content Recommendations  Comments Off on Digital Content for Talented and Gifted Students (TAG)
Apr 182017

It can be difficult to find supplementary resources to meet the needs of the students in your classroom who need a challenge.  StarrMatica’s library is packed with content that can help encourage those students to grow in their thinking.  Here are a few examples: ecolonization

Engage your students in the scientific process

Ecolonization Use your knowledge of organisms to construct a bio-dome with a self-sustaining food chain.

Plant Growth Experiment View the results of an experiment to test whether water, light, and temperature affect whether seeds grow. Then answer questions about what you have discovered.

crown or colonyAsk your students to make critical decisions in the shoes of a historical figure

For Crown or Colony Become a 14 year old living in Boston when the Revolutionary War begins. What will you do?

Strike it Rich! Become a miner and see if you can strike it rich!

Who Do You Want To Be? Become an Immigrant and make your voyage to America.


city creator

Challenge your students to use STEM thinking

Tinker Ball Engineer a machine to complete a specific task.

Science Detectives: Training Room Escape Use scientific processes to find your way out of a dark room.

City Creator Design your own city with the city creator interactive zimmer twins

Allow your students to demonstrate their knowledge in different ways

Printing Press Create a newspaper, brochure, flyer, poster, or sign.

Zimmer Twins Create a movie using animations of the Zimmer Twins. Add transitions and your own text. Then press play to watch your creation. You must create an account to save your movie.

How do you use digital content to challenge your TAG students?

March Friday Favorites – Math Resources

 Posted by on April 3, 2017  Content Recommendations, Math Resources  Comments Off on March Friday Favorites – Math Resources
Apr 032017

rekenrekEach Friday on Facebook and Twitter, we share a curated digital resource from our library that is one of our favorites.  In March, we focused on math resources.  Here’s what we shared:

The Data Bank Research Company

Great interactive with a real life reason to gather and display data.


Brilliant Beadstring Rekenrek

Explore numbers, counting, addition and subtraction with an online rekenrek.


Free Fractions Unit

Check out this free fractions unit that includes video clips and activities for a variety of fractions topics.


How Big Are You?

Estimate how many of a non-standard measuring tool it takes to measure a large dinosaur. Then measure to check your estimate.


Super Math Golf

This is a fun center idea to practice angles.