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Common Question #2: Doesn’t it take teachers a lot of time to use StarrMatica effectively?

 Posted by on October 30, 2012  Behind the Scenes of StarrMatica  Comments Off on Common Question #2: Doesn’t it take teachers a lot of time to use StarrMatica effectively?
Oct 302012

In our Common Questions series, StarrMatica’s CEO, Emily Starr, answers some of the questions we are most commonly asked.

Yes and no.  As with any curriculum resource, yes, of course it is going to take time to choose content that fits best with your lessons and for your students.  However, think about the amount of time teachers are currently spending:

  • learning to use new programs such as SMART Notebook, designing lessons, and creating those lessons using the software
  • on interactive whiteboard communities sifting through other teachers lessons, downloading lessons, and modifying lessons.
  • on Google searches trying and find interactive content that fits with their lesson, that doesn’t have ads, and that was designed for education
  • searching for resources to help individual students and photocopying worksheets and creating independent learning activities

And after they have done all of that work searching for content, teachers have often run out of time to plan how to use that content effectively within their overall lesson.

StarrMatica actually saves teachers time by providing multiple search functions so teachers can find targeted content and quickly make content choices.  Then they have the time to plan how to use that content effectively within their lesson structure or with specific students.

The overall structure of StarrMatica’s search and share features are intuitive and easy-to-use which also streamlines the process.  One of the most common comments we receive from our members is that they can tell StarrMatica was designed by a teacher.  The library is structured the way teachers typically think about and organize content, which makes finding the content they are looking for a snap.

Videos to Share

 Posted by on October 24, 2012  Behind the Scenes of StarrMatica  Comments Off on Videos to Share
Oct 242012

Having trouble describing to colleagues exactly what StarrMatica is and how it helps your students?  We’ve created two videos that can help.

In this video, Pekin principal, Jeff Eeling, shares how StarrMatica helped his teachers meet individual student needs:

Click here to watch the video

In this video, Superintendent, John Dotson, shares how StarrMatica helped his teachers use technology effectively:

Click here to watch the video

Want to star in your own StarrMatica video?  Drop us an email and we might just visit your school with our cameras rolling!

StarrMatica and STEM

 Posted by on October 10, 2012  Complementary Downloads  Comments Off on StarrMatica and STEM
Oct 102012

As schools increasingly implement STEM initiatives and focus on preparing students for futures in STEM careers, we have put together a complimentary guide to StarrMatica and STEM.  The guide describes how StarrMatica supports and encourages STEM critical thinking skills and gives specific examples of content in our library for each STEM area.  You can download a personal copy of StarrMatica and STEM:  An Introductory Guide by clicking the link below.  Enjoy!  www.starrmatica.com/siteresources/docs/StarrMaticaAndSTEM.pdf

Behind the Scenes: The Voice of StarrMatica’s 3rd-6th Grade Content

 Posted by on October 2, 2012  Behind the Scenes of StarrMatica  Comments Off on Behind the Scenes: The Voice of StarrMatica’s 3rd-6th Grade Content
Oct 022012

Matt Williams didn’t grow up knowing he wanted to be a voiceover talent. He “fell” into the job after being asked by a local production company if he wanted to voice a commercial back in 1997. In 2005, Matt decided to go full time into voice over, which was perfect timing since that’s when StarrMatica’s first lessons were being developed! Many voices sent StarrMatica audition tapes, but when StarrMatica’s CEO, Emily Starr, heard Matt’s voice, she knew it was the voice of StarrMatica. “Matt’s has the kind of voice kids would imagine coming from a favorite teacher—authoritative yet friendly.”

Matt’s favorite part of being the voice of StarrMatica for 3rd-6th grade is getting to record the short stories. “It allowed me to play an old woman, a little girl or boy, a monster and more. Although it could be taxing to keep the flow from character to character, it was like reading to my four kids at home.” Although Matt shares that he enjoys “getting to bring the words on a sheet of paper to life through the use of my voice. It’s a unique job and I love doing it.” He also admits that, “Recording is hard. I’m working. It’s mentally taxing. After a few hours of recording, I’ve always said that it was like working a regular 8 hour day. Voice over is what I love to do, but it doesn’t mean it is easy. I recommend that anyone find a few things they know they love and start doing them.”

Matt keeps very busy with work outside of StarrMatica. In fact, he specializes in voice over acting for television, radio, websites, training, narration, and more. He has worked for clients such as John Deere, CBS Chicago, Pontiac, The Boy Scouts of America and is the voice of dozens of radio stations all across the U.S. Matt is nationally and internationally utilized for voice over with hundreds of clients that span the globe. We’re just glad he chose StarrMatica to be one of those clients!