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May 012017
April Friday Favorites - Social Studies Resources

Each Friday on Facebook and Twitter, we share a curated digital resource from our library that is one of our favorites.  In April, we focused on social studies resources.  Here’s what we shared: Civil War Soldier Choose a side, enlist, and follow an actual regiment as a civil war soldier. https://www.nps.gov/webrangers/activities/civilwar/civilwar.swf?activityID=3&userID= Treasures of Congress Explore historical artifacts from the beginning of our government to the present day. http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/treasures_of_congress/page_1.html  Pathways to Freedom Step through a journey on the underground railroad. Roll over images to collect clues that may help on your journey. http://pathways.thinkport.org/flash/ftf_1_0.html Go West with Lewis and Clark Travel westward with → read more

Apr 182017
Digital Content for Talented and Gifted Students (TAG)

It can be difficult to find supplementary resources to meet the needs of the students in your classroom who need a challenge.  StarrMatica’s library is packed with content that can help encourage those students to grow in their thinking.  Here are a few examples: Engage your students in the scientific process Ecolonization Use your knowledge of organisms to construct a bio-dome with a self-sustaining food chain. Plant Growth Experiment View the results of an experiment to test whether water, light, and temperature affect whether seeds grow. Then answer questions about what you have discovered. Ask your students to make critical → read more

Apr 032017
March Friday Favorites - Math Resources

Each Friday on Facebook and Twitter, we share a curated digital resource from our library that is one of our favorites.  In March, we focused on math resources.  Here’s what we shared: The Data Bank Research Company Great interactive with a real life reason to gather and display data. http://www.learnalberta.ca/content/me3us/flash/lessons/15/m3_15_00_x.swf Brilliant Beadstring Rekenrek Explore numbers, counting, addition and subtraction with an online rekenrek. http://www.ictgames.com/brilliant_beadstring_with_colour.swf Free Fractions Unit Check out this free fractions unit that includes video clips and activities for a variety of fractions topics. http://oame.on.ca/CLIPS/index.html?ePractice=T/?EP_Topic=Fractions How Big Are You? Estimate how many of a non-standard measuring tool it takes → read more

Mar 142017
Differentiate with Digital Backpacks

One of the benefits of having access to an entire library of content is being able to easily differentiate your instruction.  For example, if you are working on place value concepts, you could create three collections of content. (Note:  To view some of the examples, you must be a StarrMatica Member.) In Level 1, you could include content that uses base-ten blocks for your students who need visual support.  Here are a few of our favorites with directions you could include in the collection: Base Ten Blocks         Watch this animation first. Base Ten Blocks III     Build 10 different numbers using → read more

Mar 012017
February Friday Favorites - Math Resources

Each Friday on Facebook and Twitter, we share a curated digital resource from our library that is one of our favorites.  In February, we focused on math resources.  Here’s what we shared: The Factor Game Play The Factor Game against the computer or a friend. Select a number and your opponent must find the factors. Then, switch roles. http://illuminations.nctm.org/Activity.aspx?id=4134 Bears in a Boat Are students losing interest in your ten frame?  Try using bears in a boat to catch their attention! http://www.glencoe.com/sites/common_assets/mathematics/ebook_assets/vmf/VMF-Interface.html Pizza Parlor Fractions This is a fun game for practicing adding and subtracting fractions. http://kevinmuma.com/software/pizza/Instructions.swf Grouping and Grazing → read more

Feb 072017
Why a LIBRARY of content? (StarrMatica’s Secret Sauce)

Educators often try to compare StarrMatica to other software programs, but once they begin the comparison, they quickly discover it is difficult to compare apples to oranges. StarrMatica’s library of online digital interactive content is the only resource of its kind. Being the only online library of digital interactive content makes us unique.  Being a company founded and managed by educators makes us unique.  Having content designed by classroom educators makes us unique.  But what makes us truly original is the assistance only StarrMatica can provide for our fellow educators. StarrMatica leaves teachers in control of content decisions. While at → read more

Feb 012017
January Friday Favorites - Science Resources

Each Friday on Facebook and Twitter, we share a curated digital resource from our library that is one of our favorites.  In January, we focused on science resources.  Here’s what we shared: Molecularium Great resource for introducing students to atoms and molecules. http://nanospace.molecularium.com/ Career Town Explore career town to learn about job possibilities. http://vacareerview.org/k5/play-it/career-town/main.cfm Goldburger to Go Design a Rube Goldberg machine! http://pbskids.org/zoom/games/goldburgertogo/rubegame.html Lab Hazards Can you identify all of the lab hazards? http://www.interactivesolutions.co.uk/games/flashGames/labhazards.swf

Jan 102017
Leading Students to Draw Conclusions

How many times have you taught a concept only to have to re-teach it the next day because your students don’t remember what you taught the day before?  We know that engaged students learn more than passive students, so we need to be masters at constructing learning experiences in ways that lead students to discover a concept by drawing their own conclusions rather than directly teaching them the concept.  Here a few easy ways a directly taught concept can be modified with digital content from StarrMatica to encourage students to draw their own conclusions. Directly Taught Concept:  The more times → read more

Jan 022017
December Friday Favorites - ELA Resources

Each Friday on Facebook and Twitter, we share a curated digital resource from our library that is one of our favorites.  In December, we focused on ELA resources.  Here’s what we shared: Persuasion Map Students map out their argument for a persuasive essay or debate. http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/persuasion_map/ Storyline Online Check out this amazing source for stories read aloud online. http://www.storylineonline.net/ Exploring Onomatopoeia Create onomatopoetic words to describe each sound you hear. http://rwtinteractives.ncte.org/preview_mg.aspx?id=736&title=

Dec 062016
Digital Content for Common Core Standard 2.MD.D.10

One of the most common questions we are asked is how our library of digital content supports the Common Core.  The easy answer is that our entire library has been aligned to the Common Core standards, so teachers can find resources related to each standard.  The more complex answer is that there are many pieces of content that can be used in flexible ways to support each individual standard, and it is up to teachers to choose the content that best supports their lesson and their students. Here are five pieces of digital content a teacher might choose from StarrMatica’s → read more