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Mar 142017

backpackOne of the benefits of having access to an entire library of content is being able to easily differentiate your instruction.  For example, if you are working on place value concepts, you could create three collections of content. (Note:  To view some of the examples, you must be a StarrMatica Member.)

In Level 1, you could include content that uses base-ten blocks for your students who need visual support.  Here are a few of our favorites with directions you could include in the collection:

Base Ten Blocks         Watch this animation first.

Base Ten Blocks III     Build 10 different numbers using the blocks.  Record those numbers and the blocks you used in your notebook.

Place Value Chart       Build 10 numbers with the cards and write them in expanded form in your notebook.

In Level 2, you could include content that moves on to place value with numbers for your students who understand the concept, yet need some extra practice.  Here are a few of our favorites with directions you could include in the collection:

Value of a Number      Watch this animation first.

Mystery Numbers II     Can you build really big numbers?  Find out!

Build a Word                Try this challenge last.  Write the words you have spelled in your notebook.

In Level 3, you could include content for students who understand the concept of place value and need a challenge.  Here are a few of our favorites with directions you could include in the collection:

Place Value Machine            Use this manipulative to help you answer this question in your notebook: How does multiplying and dividing affect a digit’s place value?

Hacker’s Number Machine   Can you create a number larger than the computer’s?

Place Value Game               Create the largest number possible from the digits you are given. Choose wisely! Once you place a number, you cannot move it!

Once the collections are created, you can place them in the digital backpacks of three different groups to differentiate your instruction for every student in your classroom!

Mar 012017

pizza parlor fractionsEach Friday on Facebook and Twitter, we share a curated digital resource from our library that is one of our favorites.  In February, we focused on math resources.  Here’s what we shared:

The Factor Game

Play The Factor Game against the computer or a friend. Select a number and your opponent must find the factors. Then, switch roles.


Bears in a Boat

Are students losing interest in your ten frame?  Try using bears in a boat to catch their attention!


Pizza Parlor Fractions

This is a fun game for practicing adding and subtracting fractions.


Grouping and Grazing

Try having your students group cows to practice counting by 5’s and 10’s or to practice adding and subtracting with a partner.