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May Friday Favorites

 Posted by on May 30, 2016  Content Recommendations, Reading Resources  Comments Off
May 302016

Each Friday on Facebook and Twitter, we share a curated digital resource from our library that is one of our favorites.  Here’s what we shared in May:

Student with writer’s block?  Check out these story starters:storystarter


Need some end of the year fun?  Try creating these paper critters:


Use the assets in the national archives to create a poster, movie, or pathway challenge:


Looking for some end of the year fun?  Create an animated movie!


May 102016

One of the most common questions we are asked is how our library of digital content supports the Common Core.  The easy answer is that our entire library has been aligned to the Common Core standards, so teachers can find resources related to each standard.  The more complex answer is that there are many pieces of content that can be used in flexible ways to support each individual standard, and it is up to teachers to choose the content that best supports their lesson and their students.

Here are five pieces of digital content a teacher might choose from StarrMatica’s library to support and enhance the teaching of: CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.5.G.B.3 Understand that attributes belonging to a category of two-dimensional figures also belong to all subcategories of that category. 

60Quadrilaterals Animation

Students learn the attributes of several shapes, and where they can be found in real life. They then learn how to categorize shapes as parallelograms and quadrilaterals with this animated tutorial.


61Shape Shifter

Share part of a shape with students and ask them to determine all of the categories and subcategories the shape would belong to based on the attribute shown.



62Carroll Diagram Shape Sort

Students sort shapes into a Carroll diagram based on their individual and shared attributes.



63Venn Diagram Shape Sort

Students choose a Venn diagram and then sort shapes into it based on their individual and shared attributes.


Flaming Cannonballs

Students use a cannon to short shapes according to a specific characteristic.  A higher order thinking question is asked at the end of each round to help the students draw a conclusion about the relationship between the two groups of shapes.

April Friday Favorites

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May 022016

Each Friday on Facebook and Twitter, we share a curated digital resource from our library that is one of our favorites.  Here’s what we shared in April:

Two fun interactives for learning about musical instruments:



Encourage students to compose an original melody:


Mix paints to learn about different colors:


and for our members: The Great Paint Mix-Up

mix paint







Learn about and explore the elements and principals of art:


Your students can be a dance critic: